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A home inspection in Manhattan most often it refers to private residences with a single owner. Shared ownership situations such as town houses and condominiums call for a different type of inspection process, although home inspectors and home inspection firms often offer various types of inspections suited to the wide variety of residential structures.

A home inspection in Manhattan is an observation, assessment and report on all the systems and components of a dwelling as they pertain to the living condition therein. A home inspection includes, but is not limited to, the heating system, the cooling system, the plumbing system, the electrical system, the structural components, the drainage system, and the exterior landscape and its impact on the residence. Home inspections differ from condo or town house inspections in that the latter two types of assessment do not always include the shared parts of the dwelling whereas the former involves everything on the property.

For home owners with external property, such as detached one or two story homes, there are some important aspects of a home inspection to keep in mind. Since ownership of property means added responsibility for the home owner, it is prudent to understand how the external landscape will affect living conditions in the home.

The landscape around the house is usually the most important factor in assessing structural soundness. Therefore, a significant portion of a home inspection should focus on the surrounding area and its drainage system to make sure there is no pooling adjacent to the foundational components. The gardens closest to building walls are a source of concern when it comes to structural integrity and water intrusion, as the frequent doses of water to this area can have adverse effects. Also, the roots of large trees near the house can cause cracks. The home inspector will attempt to determine if this is the case.

In addition, detached residences need to have a careful examination of the roof. Perhaps the most significant aspect of a home inspection, the roof’s soundness can have long lasting effects on the home’s value and livability. Repairs on the roof can cost tens of thousands of dollars even on small structures. Brown ceiling tiles are a sure sign of water intrusion. One should be very wary of any home inspector who does not regard active water stains as indications of potentially serious problems in the future.

It is important to remember that a home inspection does not include ancillary services such as radon gas testing. Be sure to outline with the home inspector what exactly will be covered by the inspection to ensure all the basics are covered.

It can be difficult to make sense of professional inspection reports written in the complicated lingo of the trade.

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